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About the book: Have you ever known exactly what you wanted for Christmas? As a child, you may have written a letter to Santa, made a wish upon a star, or locked your dream away in your heart afraid that it might not come true if you so much as whispered it out loud. Even as adults, Christmas wishes carry a magic that can't be explained. In North for ChristmasRuby Jeavon certainly has her heart set on an engagement. It's the first step in creating the family she's always wanted. But things go slightly off course and instead of flying to Italy with her boyfriend, Ruby heads out of town to work as an elf in Nashville. Even though she's far away from her dream, she's about to discover the magic of a Nashville Christmas through the eyes of North Foxwell, her fellow elf and a Christmas expert. Even though North struggles with his own Christmas ghosts, Ruby manages to bring new light to his life. Can Ruby let go of her dream to find what her heart truly desires? Only time--at the North Pole--will tell. You can pick up your copy of North for Christmas at your local book store, iTunes, Barns and Noble, or from Amazon.

My review: I was super excited to read this book, I've read Christina Dymock's books before and loved them and I was not disappointed!

Ruby's plans for Christmas are to go to Italy with her boyfriend Justin and get engaged. That's all, nothing hard, but Ruby doesn't have the money to pay for herself, so she's asked her wealthy mother to help her out, but her mom lets her know that she will not be paying for Ruby to go to Italy and instead donates the money to yet another charity. To make matters worse, her mother decides that she needs to go to Nashville and check out one of the charities that they donate money to for the whole month of December, leaving her no time at all with Justin before he leaves with his family for Italy. And then she gets to Nashville and realizes that she's going to be checking out the charity undercover and she will be dressing and acting as an elf in Santa's Workshop for the entire month of December. Worst job ever! She wants to shut down the whole thing and head for Italy, but pretty soon the elf named North, along with the rest of the Santa's Workshop crew get into her head. Will Ruby figure out just what she wants for Christmas? Or who she wants for Christmas?

I loved Ruby in this book. It was pretty funny to me how every time she had interaction with North she ended up looking like she was a high maintenance Scrooge, when really the opposite was true. I loved that she was willing to play along with the whole Santa's Workshop thing and how by the end she had changed a lot of her priorities and desires. 

North was a great character too! I loved that he wasn't perfect, he really had his own issues that he needed to work on. I loved that he realized what they were just like a ton of bricks when he heard the sermon in Church.

This book has a whole cast of supporting characters that were all really amazing, I grew to love each one of them. I'm secretly hoping to see more of them in coming books! 

The plot of this one is cute, it's kind of a meandering love story that makes you want to sit back with a cup of hot chocolate, and a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy every word! It really put me into the Christmas spirit. 

Make sure you check out this great book!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the author: Christina Dymock graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications. She currently resides in Central Utah with her husband and four children who are often her inspiration for new recipes and ideas. Among other things, she enjoys cycling, skiing, wakeboarding, sewing, reading, and baking. You can contact Christina through her blog at:

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