The Secret of the Key

About the book: Filled with magic, mystery, miniatures, and adventure, the Sixty-Eight Rooms is the perfect series for fans of Chasing Vermeer, The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and The Dollpeople!

Chicago sixth graders Ruthie and Jack think they’ve learned everything about the magic of the Art Institute’s Thorne Rooms. But the magic starts to act strangely when Ruthie and Jack discover two rings that are out of place—and out of time—and a portal that shouldn’t be open but somehow is. Ruthie and Jack follow the clues to seventeenth-century England and the Brownlow house, where they meet the Brownlow’s governess, Rebecca. But Rebecca has a few secrets of her own—and she might even be in the wrong century! Can Ruthie and Jack discover the truth about Rebecca’s mysterious past, or will they end up stuck in the wrong century themselves? Their quest for answers takes them from 1930s New York City and San Francisco to turn-of-the-century China. The only one who can truly answer their questions may be the woman who started it all: the room’s creator, Narcissa Thorne. But to talk to Mrs. Thorne, they’ll have to go back in time and find her!

Unlock the magic . . . in the exciting conclusion to the Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventures!

My review: I have loved reading this series. I've loved the way that Jack and Ruthie's time travels through the small Thorne rooms sparks mine and I'm sure countless middle grade readers imaginations. I've loved the characters of Jack and Ruthie and the way that they are always trying to make the rooms the way they should have been or correct wrongs for the people they've met through the rooms. I've loved the way that Jack and Ruthie have been able to solve puzzles that were too hard for the grown ups around them to solve. 

This book was a great book, a fitting end to this phenomenal middle grade series. I'm sad to see it end. If you are love to read middle grade fiction, or know someone who does make sure to read this great series! 

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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