The Other Side of the Wall

About the book: There once were two couples, neighbors in fact, but like most neighbors today, hardly a word was spoken in passing. What they knew of each other mostly consisted of what was inadvertently heard through the wall that divided their townhomes. 

The Langstons and the Russos had more in common than they both knew. Both couples were newly married and terribly unhappy, each for different reasons of course. Scott and Jenna Langston were facing an incurable disease and Ava and Peter Russo were plagued with heartache and betrayal. 

Too often, Scott could hear Ava crying through the wall. He wondered what would make such a beautiful woman so sad, but he had enough of his own problems, he couldn’t worry about what was happening on the other side of the wall. On occasion, Ava could hear Scott’s pleas for his wife to be well. She wanted to offer help and comfort, but she was too physically and emotionally exhausted to reach out across the wall. 

Eventually, Ava’s crying ceased and her name changed. Scott’s pleas went quiet as they went unanswered. Now, instead of two couples, there were two very lonely heartbroken individuals divided by a wall, each trying to deal with the hand they had been dealt.

My review: Um...if you haven't read any of Jennifer Peel's books yet, you'd better go do it! This book is cute, I didn't want to put it down. You see the story through Ava's eyes, and she is a great character. Ava and her husband have divorced, and she knows that her neighbor's wife has died of some kind of illness. She's not sure what, because she's been in her own world dealing with her own problems. But she chooses to be kind and take him dinner. He invites her to share it with him and for some odd reason, they end up kissing. What Ava doesn't know is that Scott and Jenna weren't any happier in their marriage than Ava and Peter had been. 

I loved the premise of this book. I don't think I've ever read a book where the romantic couple had started out married to someone else, living literally right on the other side of the wall from each other. The characters were great as well, I really liked Ava, Scott made me a bit crazy sometimes. I also really liked that the romance wasn't a cut and dried thing. Both Scott and Ava had things that they needed to work through. Sometimes their romance was on, and sometimes it was off...way off. In the end things worked out well for both of them, but it was a winding road to get there, full of healing, change and love. What a great journey! Can't wait to read more of Jennifer Peel's books! 

I was sent a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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