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About the book: Deep within the catacombs beneath an Aztec temple, a Disney witch doctor is summoning powers that should be left alone. As terrifying wraiths and demons attack the Archives on the Walt Disney Studios lot, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, Finn, Willa, Philby, Maybeck, and Charlene are summoned to Disneyland fresh from high school graduation. They must stop an enemy that hasn't been clearly identified.

In this, the final installment in the epic Kingdom Keepers series, betrayal and ambition push the boundaries of loyalty. Chasing scattered clues in pursuit of a long-lost icon--whose magic offers a fighting chance against an evil that Walt Disney himself created--the Keepers find their hearts and minds tested in the park where it all began. Bonds that once threatened to fray are renewed under the pressure for survival. As the five are pushed to their limits--and then beyond--feelings intensify behind self-imposed walls of well-kept secrets.

With its dazzling action sequences and moments of touching intimacy, Kingdom Keepers VII: The Insider will leave readers breathless, cheering, and biting their nails. It's a winner-take-all battle for magical good--but then why is Disneyland burning out of control?

My review: I love this series. It's especially great for middle grade readers who love to watch Disney movies. I love how the Disney parks are featured prominently in the series. I really loved that there were characters in this one from some of the newer movies. There was Violet from Incredibles, Rapunzel from Rapunzel and Elsa from Frozen. The kids in these books are great too, they are just normal everyday kids who are able to do great things when they work together. 

The plot of this book is action packed, there is always something going on in the book that needs attention from Finn or one of the other Kingdom Keepers. I love that they are fast paced, they are written to keep the attention of the middle grade reader, but adults like them too! 

If you love Disney shows and Disney parks you should pick up this great, fun series!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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