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About the bookSalt Lake County, Present Day
Sam Carroll is living life in the fast lane—sleek cars, nice clothes, and lovely ladies have replaced the gospel values he grew up with, and he's going nowhere fast. But when a serious car accident brings his fun to a screeching halt, Sam is left comatose, aware only of his older brother reading aloud from the hundred-year-old journal of an LDS bishop, Moroni Chadester. As Sam drifts in and out of consciousness, the words begin to take root in his mind.

Alpine, Utah, 1915
Standing on a dusty mountain road, Sam is bewildered. The cars are different. The clothes are different. Where—and when—is he? The answer comes from an impossible source: Bishop Moroni Chadester. Hurtled back in time by forces he can't understand, Sam finds his memories of modern existence quickly fading as he becomes immersed in a new life and a romance with the town beauty, Laney Williams. But as the pair becomes entangled in a murder mystery, the thrill of courtship is replaced by terror as fate conspires to bring the couple into the path of a killer. Little do they realize that the clock is ticking on more than their lives—Sam can't stay in the past forever. As danger looms every closer, Sam mush fight to save Laney. but can their love stand the test of time?

My review: This book is a cute, quick read. I have to admit that I didn't really like Sam all that much at the beginning of the book. His character is very self-absorbed and didn't seem like he was all that nice of a person. But as I read, and as Sam had the experiences he did in Alpine he became a better person. Less concerned about his clothes and car and more concerned about people. More like Laney Williams. I loved her character, what a great young lady. 

I really like books with plots like these where someone goes back in time to a simpler time and is able to learn some kind of lesson. It was kind of funny how at the beginning Sam was concerned with his phone and how he wasn't going to be able to use it, but at the end he didn't even remember what it was. I thought that he was able to learn a really great lesson from the unworking phone too!

This book is cute, and clean. A really great book to read during one of those lazy summer days!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the author: Lynne Larson is an award-winning teacher and writer with a special interest in western history, particularly as It relates to women. Several of her stories, essays, and articles have appeared in regional magazines, as well as in Latter-day Saint publications.

Her novel, In the Shadow of an Angel, grew from her great regard for the pioneers who put the statue of Moroni on the temple long ago, never realizing the changes that would come as the golden figure watched over their Zion for the next one hundred years. Nor could those early builders fully imagine the generations coming after them, for whom the statue would be a beacon and a guide, millions of people, each with a life to live and a story to tell, and all connected by the angel on the spire.

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