About the book: Just when Eliza thought she had her future all planned out, her heart is thrown a major curveball. With Luke two months away from returning home, she meets a handsome stranger who makes her question which path will lead to her happily ever after. 

Relying on help from her unusual dreams, Eliza must make a choice that will affect her future forever. . . So how will she know which path is right?

My review: I love the way that Holly Wood writes! She does a really great job with the characters, the romance aspects and the story line. This book follows Eliza as she tries to navigate her first semester of college, all the while waiting for her missionary, Luke. I love that the book shows the ups and downs of life for Eliza, she's excited for Luke to come home, but just like in real life, things happen. Things like not getting a letter for a really long time, or the crazy boy sitting behind her in class not leaving her alone, meeting a new boy and feeling an attraction to him. I really liked the way this book showed Eliza trying to learn to get her own answers from the Spirit about just what she should do about dating Sawyer and waiting for Luke. 

I loved that her Grandma is back and teaching her new lessons, this time about Relief Society. I wish that as I was transitioning from Young Women to Relief Society I would have had someone to teach me the same lessons! It would have mad the transition so much easier. 

There are some really fun moments in this book, I love the prank war that goes on between the boys apartment and Eliza's. So funny! It reminded me of my own college apartment days as I was reading it. 

I love that I was able to read another book about Eliza, if you haven't read Invaluable, go find it! Then make sure to read this one too!

Bought this book from Deseret Book.

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