About the book: With her older sister, Eliza, getting married and her mother’s unexpected pregnancy, Courtney Moore has plenty to deal with her sophomore year of high school. Add to that a jealous drill team captain, regrets over a past relationship, and mixed signals from her current crush, and Courtney’s world seems to be spiraling out of control. 

When she begins having a series of dreams about a girl from nineteenth-century England, Courtney is ready to have herself committed, until these dreams lead her on to a discovery that changes everything—especially the way she views herself.

My Review: I have LOVED Holly J Wood's books, so I was so excited to be able to read and review this new book by her. I loved that Eliza was still a part of this book, but this book is told from the perspective of her younger sister Courtney. Courtney has made a few mistakes, and she knows that she needs to fix things in her life but she isn't quite sure how. She's just trying to keep from going crazy as she goes through her normal routine of homework, and drill team practice, and now her parents want her to get a job on top of everything else! It's enough to drive her crazy, and maybe with all of these dreams she's been having she already is.

I loved Courtney's character, I loved that she was trying to be so self-sufficient as she's dealing with everything crazy in her life. I loved that she isn't perfect, because really none of us are. One thing that was kind of sad in this book was the way that Courtney didn't feel worthy to say her prayers, or even read her scriptures really. During the time that her parents thought she was reading scriptures, she was really checking out social media accounts. This was a great reminder to me to put down my phone and spend time in the scriptures instead of wasting it elsewhere. 

I really love the message of this whole series. Our ancestors really do care what happens in our lives, because we are all connected. I loved that in this book, there was something that Courtney could do to help her ancestors, as well as being helped by them. This is a cute book, I really enjoyed it! I'm hoping for more books by Holly Wood soon! 

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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