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About the book: Stella was born to sing. Someday Broadway. But everything changed when a tragic accident renders her deaf; she cannot hear, much less sing. Trapped in a strange new world of total silence, she must face not only the loss of her friends, her hopes, and her voice but also the loss of her identity and her life's purpose. Who is she is she's not a singer?

Hayden is a quiet loner, an outcast, and the only person Stella can communicate with; his profound stutter makes him speak so slowly, she is able to easily read his lips. As they find new ways to communicate despite their disabilities, their friendship grows into an unexpected—but welcome—romance. But is it a romance that can last if Stella regains her hearing and resumes her former life?

Alternating between Stella's and Hayden's points of view, Silence is a lyrical story of self-discovery, romance, and resilience, of two souls learning how to find their voices and break through the silence. 

My review: I want to start out by saying that I don't know that I've ever read a book that had such a true vision of how it feels to be a teenager. Stella is a bit of an awkward girl, she doesn't have many friends. Her main friend is Lily, but Stella kind of knows that if the right thing were to change Lily wouldn't be her friend any longer. Stella has an amazing singing talent and she can't wait to be on Broadway, but she'll settle for the high school musical of West Side Story first. She's won the title role of Maria. But one day and accident at a party changes everything for her. She's knocked into a pool and wakes up with no hearing, leaving her in a world of silence. 

The only one who talks to her that she can understand is Hayden, everyone else talks way too fast and has no patience with slowing down for Stella. I really love how during this really dark and trying time for Stella that she has Hayden and he's willing to do pretty much anything to help the world be a bit brighter for her. I love that Stella is able to learn that she has more to offer the world than just a singing voice. And I really love that she is able to forgive those who have hurt her and move on. I loved that not only do we see things from Stella's point of view, but we're able to see Hayden's too, why he is the way he is and how both he and Stella are able to help each other and grow together. Loved this book! I'm excited to read more by this author and to see what teenagers think of this great story.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author: Deborah Lytton is a writer and actress who began her career in front of the camera at the age of six. She graduated from UCLA and Pepperdine University with a degree in law. Deborah lives in California with her two daughters. She is active in the writing and blogging community and is a member of SCBWI.

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