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About the book: Officer Mike Denton can't shake the feeling that something isn't right. Since the shooting that nearly killed him, Mike has attempted to piece his life back together. Just when he thought things were starting to look up, false allegations leveled by his partner, Cal Granberg, have led to his suspension, and Mike begins to suspect that Cal may have played a role in the deadly attack. He has only one clue: a conversation he was never meant to hear involving guns in New Zealand.
Suspicious that he may have stumbled on an illegal gun trafficking plot, Mike sees his suspension as an opportunity to conduct an independent investigation into the shady actions of his ex-partner. He prepares for a month-long "vacation" to New Zealand to find the proof that would clear his good nameā€”but what he couldn't prepare for is lovely young New Zealander Skylie Yates, a woman with her own troubles. A dangerous enemy believes that Skylie is the key to finding a hidden fortune. The problem: Skylie claims to know nothing about the money. Now, Mike must set aside his own quest for evidence in order to discover who's behind the threats to the woman he's coming to care for. But when his two investigations collide and Skylie's life hangs in the balance, Mike finds himself in a race against time to unearth a corruption far deeper than he could have imagine ...

My review: Clair Poulson is one of my very favorite suspense authors. His books are great! They are full of great characters, intense situations and beautiful scenery. I loved this book as well, I was hooked from the beginning when Mike Denton's son who would have been just older than our little guy died, so sad. It really seemed at the beginning as though someone had it out for Mike, having his son die, his wife leave him, being shot, and then being suspended from his job. But then all of that was made up when he decides to head to New Zealand to figure out what his dirty partner has been doing and he meets the lovely Skylie Yates. Skylie is obviously in need of someone to protect her and Mike is thrilled to be able to be the one to do it. And it doesn't hurt when he realizes that somehow the two situations are connected. 

Wow, this book is great! I loved the characters, Mike and Skylie work well together, both on and off the case. I loved the plot, it kept me guessing the entire time. The ending was fantastic, I didn't see all the twists and turns coming, or even guess at who had been behind everything that went wrong for Mike. Make sure you pick this great book up!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the author: Clair M. Poulson retired after twenty years in law enforcement. During his career he served in the U.S. Military Police Corps, the Utah Highway Patrol, and the Duchesne County Sheriff's Department, where he was first a deputy and the the county sheriff. He currently serves as a justice court judge for Duchesne County, a position he has held for nineteen years. His nearly forty-year career working in the criminal justice system has provided a wealth of material from which he draws in writing his books. Clair has served on numerous boards and committees over the years. Among them are the Utah Judicial Council, and FBI advisory board, the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the Utah Justice Court Board of Directors, and the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Other interests include activity in the LDS Church, assisting his oldest son in operating their grocery store, ranching with his oldest son and other family members, and raising registered Missouri Fox Trotter horses. Clair and his wife, Ruth, live in Duchesne and are the parents of five married children. They have twenty-two grandchildren.

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