Cookies to Die For

About the book: As the busy mother of four rambunctious sons, down time for Jane has always been hard to come by. So when her crazy brood embarks on a weeklong campout with her husband, Jane eagerly anticipates a week of solitude and relaxation. But she is anything but alone. A pair of criminals has taken up residence in her suburban home, and Jane is an unwitting pawn in their bumbling attempt to attain a key piece of evidence they believe is hidden on the property. Appeasing the villains with her irresistible home cooking, Jane struggles to unravel the mystery and plot her escape. And with time running out to foil her clumsy captors, Jane must rely on unconventional methods if she has any hope of slipping through their clutches. Who knew that the lessons learned in Relief Society would come in handy in the face of dis-organized crime?

My review: This book is a little bit crazy. It follows the adventures of a normal Cub Scout den mother, Jane, as she is kidnapped and forced to make one meal after another for the pair of criminals. I thought the way that it was written, as an assignment for a college writing class, was clever. But it left me a bit confused in places. Because it's written completely from Jane's point of view she doesn't really ever say her name, and the couple of places that someone in the story does say her name kind of confused me. I did like the way that she left notes for her professor on being willing to explain the decidedly Latter-Day Saint things. One thing that I was wishing for as I read this book were some of the recipes that she talks about making for the criminals, I just think that kind of thing is fun in books like this. I did think that Jane was a neat character, just a normal woman out to save her family the best way she knows how, with lessons learned from her Relief Society meetings. I was able to read this book really quickly, it's fast paced and fairly short for a novel. And, of course, I liked that it was clean.

I borrowed this book from my local library.

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