Strength to Endure

About the book: A historically rich tale, Strength To Endure expertly portrays the consequences of war and the ability of the human spirit to conquer all.

Anneliese Klein was just a small girl when Hitler came into power in her home country of Germany. Fear and uncertainty were as much as part of her childhood as dolls and tea parties. As she grew up, the war crept even closer to home, taking first her two brothers and then her father. Eventually it claims the man she loves. How will she survive these horrors? And what will become of her unborn child?

My review: This book really touched me. I enjoyed the character of Anneliese, and I felt just how confused she was with the way her world was changing. First her brothers were acting differently than they ever had. Then they disappeared. Next her father disappeared, never to be heard from again. Finally, Annaliese and her husband were taken and she had a pretty good idea what had become of him. But she had to stay strong, because she herself was expecting a baby. That scene made me cry, I loved Annaliese by that point, and I too knew what had become of her and the sacrifices she had made to bring her sweet baby into the world. Being a mother myself that part of the story resonated with me. I loved the way this book is written, I thought it was interesting how there were different main characters at different times, the way that it was written was really great. I love it when a book makes me feel like I was there when things happened, almost like I had been transported to a different time and place, this book did that for me. If you enjoy reading well-written historical fiction, you won't want to miss this book.

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I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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