CD Review - Redeemer

About the CD: The latest album from the Nashville Tribute Band focuses on Jesus Christ by way of fourteen new songs composed as a tribute to the Savior. Each song presents a unique perspective on Christ through the eyes of those who walked and talked with Him, including John the Baptist, a blind man on the street, the woman taken adultery, the soldier and the thief at the Crucifixion, and the Apostle Peter. Several songs are written to be stand-alone numbers that focus on the big picture of Christ's ministry, and other songs are tender portrayals from unique individual perspectives.

Track List

  • He Is Coming - Featuring John Cowan
  • John's Song - Featuring Troy Johnson
  • What Manner of Man Is This? - Featuring Jason Deere and Chad Truman
  • Blind - Featuring Alex Boye
  • The One - Featuring Due West
  • Tears on His Feet - Featuring Cardin Lopez
  • What a Saint Should Be
  • Pilate's Wife - Featuring Katherine Nelson
  • Soldier and the Thief - Featuring Jason Deere and Ben Truman
  • Peter (Wide Awake) - Featuring Diamond Rio
  • He Is Risen - Featuring Nathan Pacheco, Kassidy Osborn, SHeDAISY and John Cowan
  • Apostles - Featuring Jason Deere
  • When the Son of Man (Come Again) - Featuring David Archuleta
  • The Greatest Story - Featuring Ben Truman

  • My Review: I saw in the newspaper the other day that this CD was number 10 on the Billboard Christian chart and it's easy to see why. I loved every one of the songs. I liked the unique way that the Bible stories were portrayed on this CD, I never would have thought to have wondered what someone like Pilate's wife would have been thinking for example. I loved the fun country sound to the songs, there's even one that almost has a rap/country sound that I found interesting at first but really grew on me as I listened to the words and the meaning of the song. I felt like this whole CD is really capped off by The Greatest Story, I really loved this one and it has a really amazing message. This is the first CD by The Nashville Tribute Band I've listened to, but I'm definitely going to find their previous CD's when I get a chance and listen to the rest. I loved this one, go check it out for yourself!

    I was given a CD in exchange for an honest review.

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    About the authorAward-winning songwriter and Nashville record producer Jason Deere regularly invites a revolving cast of talented artists and musicians that he calls the Nashville Tribute Band to join him in touring the world performing the stories and songs from the albums Joseph: A Nashville Tribute To The Prophet, Trek: A Nashville Tribute To The Pioneers and THE WORK: A Nashville Tribute To The Missionaries. Over the years Dan Truman (of the Grammy Award-winning country group Diamond Rio), Brad Hull, Matt Lopez and Tim Gates (of the country group Due West), entertainer David Osmond, actor and recording artist Katherine Nelson, country artist Billy Dean, Ron Saltmarsh, pop artist Mindy Gledhill and Dyer Highway are all among those who have often joined the stage with the band. The band has done over 500 shows for audiences in the U.S., Canada, Australia and China since 2004. They have performed in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City as well as several performances in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

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