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About the book: Adrielle Pyper knows how to plan a wedding, and she's especially good at pleasing bridezillas. But when her biggest client and best friend is murdered just three days before the wedding, Adri's world falls apart. She moves to the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho, and starts from scratch. Thanks to Adri's impeccable tast and unique style, she lands two celebrity clients, and her business seems headed for success—that is, until someone vandalizes the specialty wedding dresses she imported from overseas. The race is on to uncover a secret hidden within the yards of satin and lace before Adri becomes the next victim.

With a delightful blend of mystery, toe-curling kisses, humor, and spine-tingling thrills, Diamond Rings are Deadly Things is a romantic suspense novel that will keep you turning pages long into the night.

"A thrilling mystery...Don't be surprised if you have to stay up all night to finish it!" 
—Rachel Ann Nunes, author of Before I Say Goodbye

"This terrific story will keep you wondering through all the twists and turns."
—Heather Justesen, author of Brownies and Betrayal

"A cunning crafty mystery with just the right mix of romance." 
—Nichole Giles, author of Descendant

"A great mystery! It held me captive until the very end." 
—Tristi Pinkston, author of the Secret Sisters Mysteries

My review: Adrielle Pyper is thrilled to be able to do what she loves, planning weddings, and even more thrilled to be able to do it in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho. She loves the small town feel, she loves living close to her family, and she loves the beautiful area. There are things that she could do without, bridezilla Sylvia Rockfort for one, but all in all Adri's life is happy. She and her friend and business partner, Lorea, are working to have specialty wedding dresses as part of their services, but when Sylvia's dress shows up from China with damages, Adri knows that they are going to have to fix it before she comes to try it on. Adri doesn't expect to have several of the dresses she ordered stolen, so she's very careful to take extra care of the one that another of her clients has chosen. But when she finds raw, uncut diamonds sewn into the hemline, things get a little crazy. Someone wants them back and they will not stop until they retrieve them. Will Adri be able to take care of the dress, keep the diamonds hidden, finish up plans for two weddings, and figure out just who is after the diamonds?

This is such a great book! I loved Adri, she's such a well-written character. I loved that we are able to see things so clearly through her eyes. I really loved the setting, I grew up not too far from Sun Valley and was able to spend a little bit of time there during my high school years, this book brought those times vividly back to life for me. I also really liked the tidbits at the beginning of the chapters from, I thought that was a clever thing to do, kind of like the recipes in a culinary mystery. I really enjoyed the plot, it kept me thinking, trying to figure out just who the bad guy was. I wouldn't have guessed the ending, it took me by surprise. I loved that this is a suspenseful, romantic, clean book that I didn't want to put down. I can't wait for more of this great series! 

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author: RACHELLE CHRISTENSEN was born and raised in a small farming town in Idaho not far from the setting of her mystery Diamond Rings are Deadly Things. She graduated cum laude from Utah State University with a degree in psychology. She enjoys singing and songwriting, playing the piano, running, motivational speaking, and of course reading. Rachelle has an amazing husband and five cute kids. To learn more about her, visit

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