The Broken Path

Autumn Reader doesn't trust men anymore, she was beaten and more by her ex-husband Trent. Now she's got her amazing two year old daughter, Brittan, and she's living with her mom in the small town of Malad, Idaho. She doesn't plan to meet and fall in love with Ethan Searle. Ethan was in an accident as a child and walks with the help of braces, and he is sure that Autumn looks down on him for that simple fact. Autumn is sure that Ethan can't stand her. Is there anyway these two can get past their pasts and fall completely in love with each other or will their miscommunication keep them forever apart?

This is a really cute story. I especially loved Brittan's character, she really is a cutie. I liked Autumn and Ethan as well, and it was kind of fun that Autumn's mom also had a bit of a love story going on in the background. This isn't my favorite of Cami's books, it didn't seem as well put together as some, but it is a fun book, and I've seen it for free on Amazon tons of times, so that makes it well worth the time to read it. I really liked that it is clean romance.

I downloaded this one for free from Amazon.

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