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The Skeleton in My Closet Wears a Wedding Dress

About the Book: Beautiful, young Sophia Davis is confident that her decision to marry Travis will lead her to eternal bliss—but when her new husband abruptly files for divorce, she is completely blindsided. With the whole world falling apart, what's a nineteen-year-old divorcee to do?

The answer for Sophia is simple: she picks up the pieces of her shattered heart and returns to BYU.

Hoping for a clean slate, she embarks on her freshman year—again. But this time, Sophia has a skeleton in her closet, and she'll go to any length to protect her secret. As she reluctantly navigates a world populated by newly returned missionaries, sweet Suzie Homemakers, and serious students, she find herself turning more and more to her home teacher Luke. As their friendship blossoms, will Sophia allow herself to trust again in the hope of a true happy ending?

My Review: Sophia is a 19 year-old co-ed at BYU. She seems to be just like everyone else, but Sophia has a secret. Sophia was a freshman last year, just like she is this year, but last year she got married and this year she is divorced. One morning her husband, Travis, just decided that he was done with marriage and wanted a divorce. Sophia is trying to move on with her life by going to her ward, her classes and counseling sessions, but it's just so hard. Most days she wants to just stay in her bed and be left alone. How does a young girl who has been married and moved on with her life go back to being single, and how does she keep her marriage a secret from her perfect roommates? One way is to spend a really long time in the laundry room with her laundry and her home teacher, Luke. He soon becomes a good friend and confidant. But is Sophia ready to move on with her life and try again with someone new?

I really enjoyed this book! I felt as though I were at BYU with Sophia and all of her crazy roommates. It really brought my college experience back to my mind. I thought that the plot of the book with Sophia trying to keep her marriage and past a secret was really original. I was kind of surprised with some of the twists and turns in the plot, I was blindsided by what happens with her ex Travis. I really enjoyed the ending and the way that Sophia was able to realize that she was okay as she was and really be able to move on with her life. You won't want to miss this cute, fun book!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Sounds like a cute book! I really like the cover. I'll have to add it to my tbr list.


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