Cress has been trapped in a satellite orbiting the earth for more than seven years. This time has given her lots of opportunity and practice at becoming a hacker. If she hadn't been imprisoned in the satellite on Queen Levana's orders, Cress most likely would have used her hacking skills for the benefit of the Lunar Empire. But she was imprisoned on the Lunar queen's orders so Cress has used her hacking skills against the Lunar Empire, most recently to hide the ship of the fugitives Cinder and Carswell Thorne. She's just finished a game when she receives a Comm from none other than Cinder herself and Cress is thrilled to receive an offer for Cinder to rescue her. The plan is already set in motion when the woman who imprisoned her shows up for an unannounced visit and ruins everything. Cress' satellite is sent hurtling toward Earth on a collision course and Cress knows she's to blame for whatever ill befalls Cinder and her crew. Will Cress be able to survive the fall? Will Cinder be able to stop Queen Levana's plans before it's too late?

I really love this series! I love how it's based on fairy-tales but set far in the future. I love the characters and the way we've gotten to know them through several volumes of the book. The plot of this book is filled with action, adventure and danger just like the previous two volumes were. I was really glad to find that the series doesn't end with this story, putting off the sadness of the ending for yet another book. Make sure to read these in order or you won't have any hope of understanding what's happened previously. I can't wait for the next book in this exciting, clean series! 

I was able to borrow a copy of this book from my local library. 

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