Jane is a young woman who seems to be unlucky in love. Every "boyfriend" she's ever had has ended up being a disaster. Jane might use the word boyfriend a bit more freely than most, as some of the men she's termed that have simply been people she's met in an elevator. One day Jane's mom comes to visit with a great-aunt that she's never really met before. This woman is wealthy and she's very old, and she discovers Jane's secret addiction to the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, you know, the one with Colin Firth. Much to Jane's amazement when her great-aunt dies she leaves her an all expenses paid trip to the only place in the world that you can meet your own Mr Darcy, Austenland. At first Jane thinks that she's living the only dream she's ever wanted, but she quickly realizes that the lines between fantasy and reality in Austenland are so blurred that she can't tell one from the other. Will Jane be able to learn for herself if she truly wants a Mr Darcy or if she'd rather live in reality?

I wanted to read this book again after having watched the movie, because there was an awful lot about the movie that I didn't remember from the book. There was a good reason for wasn't in the book. I found after comparing that there were things I liked better about both but that out of the movie or the book,one wasn't necessarily better than the other. I like the idea of the great-aunt leaving Jane the experience like it shows in the book, but it did seem like certain things were explained better in the movie. Anyway, this is a clean, fun, light-hearted romance that you should read if you have the time. Shannon Hale is one of my favorite authors!

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