Where Courage Calls

Beth Thatcher is the coddled middle daughter of one of Toronto's affluent families. She's always been a bit sickly, so her mother was very scared to allow her to do much of anything. Undaunted, Beth went to college and secured a teaching certificate. Then she got a job out west teaching a small school. She's excited to go and wanting to do the things that Heavenly Father would have her do. But when she gets to the small town of Coal Valley, she knows that she's not in Toronto anymore. Things in the small valley are worse than she could have ever imagined. All of the fathers of her school children were killed in a mine collapse and the mothers of the children are bravely trying to carry on with little food, poor clothing, and a high cost of living due to the mining company that owns the store and most everything else in the town. Beth must try to help the children where she can, without it seeming like she's giving them a handout and try to unite the widows with the new miners that the company brings in. Will she be able to do it? Will she find love along the way?

I was thrilled when I found this book, Janette Oke's books bring me a sense of nostalgia, I read many of her novels when I was in Jr high and high school. I love the way she writes, her books are full of romance, and they're super clean because they're Christian romances. I've always loved the way she includes the Canadian Mounties of yesteryear as her male romantic figure and the women were always proper society women looking to do more than go to parties and drink tea. This book was no different, I really liked the plucky Beth, willing to go to where there isn't even an indoor toilet and make a difference in the lives of children. I liked the townspeople and that they were willing to allow Beth into their lives. This is a sweet book with a touch of romance. Such a cute story!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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