Hearth Fires

Mackenzie Graham is thrilled with her latest assignment for Hearth & Home magazine an article on the storybook homes of California. She's excited for her first interview with Judge and Mrs Wolcott, but when she arrives, there is no one to answer the door. Confused, but willing to take pictures of the outside, she heads around the back of the house where she takes a few pictures before she's grabbed by a large man and hauled before a group of three men. One of the men, the Judge, indicates that there was no appointment made for her with him or his wife. Mackenzie is uncomfortable and opts to leave as soon as the men will allow her to. But she's definitely confused and calls her editor, Allison, as soon as she can. Taking the afternoon off, Mackenzie enjoys a stroll along California's beautiful coast, but returns to find her rental car broken into and her camera bag missing, luckily the camera was with her, not in the bag. Strangely enough, her room at her hotel is broken into that night to, and her laptop is taken. When the police arrive, they indicate that the two events are most likely connected, something that Mackenzie had not even thought of. But when she looks at the pictures on the memory card of her camera, she realizes that she had inadvertently taken pictures of the men in Judge Wolcott's garden and knows that she is in big trouble. It will take great effort on the part of Detective Wade Evans and his brother William Evans to keep her safe from these dangerous men. 

I really enjoyed this book. There is plenty of action, adventure, danger and don't forget romance included in the story line. I really enjoyed the plot. I really liked Mackenzie and her editor Allison was great too, and let's not forget Wade and William, both true gentlemen and caretakers of Mackenzie. This book really has it all, I was up a good chunk of the night reading and trying to figure out just what was going to happen next. You won't want to put it down until the exciting conclusion!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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