Chasing June

June Laurie has been on the hit show Forensic Faculty and is comfortable in front of the camera, but now she's off for a new adventure, June is heading to BYU. It's not as though she's going on her own, her boyfriend and best friend, Joseph Cleveland, is going with her. But things get confusing for June really fast. Joseph is going to be going on a mission really soon and lets June know that he doesn't want to be her boyfriend any more so that he can prepare for his mission, but he doesn't appear to have a problem dating another girl. June feels so alone, and ends up relying on one of her good friends from her acting days, Ryan. She's not sure what her feelings are for Joseph, but her feelings for Ryan are heating up and fast. Will June be able to determine just what it is she wants, both from life and from love?

I really enjoyed this book. June is an amazing character. She's so well written that it feels as though she could be someone you know. I love how conflicted she is, that's exactly how you feel during those crazy dating days. Sometimes you know just what you want, only to have it be not what you need, or just plain not work out for some reason or another. I like that June is not afraid to be who she is, she's turning down acting jobs because they are out of line with her LDS religion, and she's not willing to let any of her boyfriends go any further than just a kiss. I can't wait to find out just what the end of June's story will be!

I was sent an e-copy of this book by the Whitney Academy for voting purposes.

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