Chances Are

Maya Gupta has escaped an arranged marriage in India to a better life in the USA. The grandmother she was living with died and she was forced to finish out her last year of high school living with a foster family who wanted nothing to do with her...nothing except collecting the check for her care. Now she's in college and she's found out that she has an aggressive form of cancer that isn't responding to treatment of any kind. Her last option is a clinical trial to be held in Washington, DC. But Maya has no money, it's all been spent fighting the cancer, how can she afford to find a place to live in DC and care for herself when she will be completely wiped out by the treatments she'll be undergoing. Her good friend and roommate, Kari, has the perfect solution: Kari's brother Ben has an apartment in DC that he's not currently living in. Kari asks her brother if she and Maya can visit for the weekend, not telling him that Maya will be staying in the apartment much longer. When he agrees Kari leads Maya to believe that he's agreed to her staying there as long as she needs to. This sets up a bit of a crazy situation when Ben comes home and finds Maya in his apartment. He soon realizes that he is really the only chance she has to be able to be cured of her cancer. But will she be willing to go along with his crazy proposal?

This book was amazing! I loved the characters, they seem to pop off the page and become real people. I love the setting, Washington, DC seemed so real to me, I almost expected to be there when I finished the book. I loved the crazy situation that Maya found herself in, but I really loved that Ben was gallant enough to try to fix things and make them better for her. This was a sweet love story that I had no desire to put down until I was finished reading it! Don't miss it!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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