Waiting for the Light to Change

It's fall and Sarah is excited to be teaching school again. But things this year are not going to be as easy for her as they have been in the past. Sarah is going to have to deal with two boys bent on making her life miserable. She's going to do some things that she's not proud of in regard to these two boys in the name of revenge. Her daughter Jenny is going to have a really hard freshman year too, and it's not going to help anything that her dad, missing from her life ever since she was a year old is going to be moving to the same town and trying to steal all her affection. Sarah is not sure what to think when rumors start flying about her and a former student. She just has to hope that anyone who really knows her, including her kids, will be able to look past the rumors to who she really is. But Sarah has let hate consume her with regard to her ex-husband Bob and his new wife for so many years, will she be able to let go and move on with her own life?

I had a really hard time with Sarah, as a main character she's just kind of mean. She thinks and says hateful things about both her ex-husband and the two boys that are trying to ruin her life. Yet I still felt bad for her, she really did get the worst of it when her husband left her with three kids under the age of 8, what was she supposed to do? I was a bit confused by the flashbacks to her mom too, but there weren't all that many of those. I did like Jenny, though some of the choices she made near the end of the book made me want to shake her. I thought the plot was pretty good, and the moral was great! 

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