Taking Care of Business

Estelle Watkins is fresh off of her last case of getting her son Andrew out of jail and finding out who really did murder his former boss. Things are looking like they are slowing down, she's in charge of the chili cook-off, and that is her only worry. That is until her husband, Sam, comes home from his job at Jackson-Hewitt with the news that his friend and co-worker, Arthur Crenshaw, has been murdered. Estelle has no plans to do any investigating on this murder, that is until his widow comes to see her and begs her to clear the name of his mistress in the murder. Estelle is surprised to find out that Arthur has been sneaking around with the receptionist, Marie, and that Daphne has known about it for about a month. Daphne claims that she and Arthur were working to reconcile their relationship and that all was well, but the police are planning on arresting Marie for the murder. It seems a bit odd for Daphne to be asking for her husband's mistress' name to be cleared, but Estelle is happy to try to clear Marie's name. She and her next door neighbor Vera work hard to clear Marie's name, but it seems as though everything they find only makes her look more and more guilty. Will Estelle be able to figure out just who killed Arthur, or will she only come up with more and more questions?

I enjoyed this story. I liked both Estelle and Vera. They both have tons of personality and I can imagine them doing crazy things that neither of them should be doing at their ages. I liked the plot, I was as confused as the characters were for almost the whole book. I liked that I had a hard time figuring out just who the murderer was and why. This is the second book in the series, and I knew that, it did seem like there was enough information given about the plot of the first book that I was able to understand everything. I really want to read the first of this series, Taking out the Trash, and also the next one, Taking the Floor, to see just what these two crazy heroines will do!

I was able to get this one free from Amazon, just my lucky day I guess!

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