Poaching Daisies

Penny has her dream job of working as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park. She never dreamed that it would be this dangerous though! Her first week had started out smoothly, but then she was clearing a trail in the back country by herself when she smelled a strange smell. Penny looked around, trying to discover what the smell was and discovered a bear attractant. This was odd, but before she could really wrap her mind around it, Penny was being shot at. She stumbled backwards right over the dead body of a bear. This would freak anyone out, and Penny was no exception. She quickly ran down the mountain and ended up being picked up by a passing motorist, who takes her back to park headquarters. Penny explains what she saw and the rangers go to check out the situation, but when they get there, there is no dead bear and no attractant. Penny is automatically labeled as someone who calls wolf, but she knows what she saw and even has pictures to prove it. Unfortunately, her camera is missing. Penny's life quickly becomes precious, as someone is trying to kill her, to silence whatever they think she knows, she learns rather fast to trust no one. Will Penny be able to figure out just what's going on before someone kills her, or someone she loves?

This was a cute book, I liked the characters. Penny, and Iris are both really fun, quirky individuals. I liked the plot, I really had no idea that poachers would go after Yellowstone's bears when the bears in their own area were all killed. I liked the setting, I spent tons of time in Yellowstone as a kid, so it was almost like coming home for me. I can't wait to read more of Carole Warburton's books, and I really hope there will be more adventures for Penny and Iris!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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