Healing Creek

Monet McLaughlin was not necessarily happy in her marriage, she knew that something big was coming. She was happy in her chosen career as a marriage counselor. But when one day a teenage mom showed up at her house claiming that her baby was the child of her husband, she knew that she could no longer live as she had been. Both her marriage and her career were over and it was time to move on. Now she runs a horse stable that specializes in therapy, and she's happy there. One day, a crew shows up to take some pictures for the cover of a book, and the male model is just gorgeous. She's kind of uncomfortable with the way he interacts with his female counterpart, after her experience with her husband all men are already liars, and the way this man makes Monet feel that he cares about the scantily clad young woman tells her that he must be one of the best liars of them all. But Nick, the male model, is intrigued with the lovely Monet, and he won't leave her alone. Is there anyway possible that Monet's heart can be healed, or that Nick will be able to prove to her that he's not a liar?

This was a cute, clean love story, just what I have come to expect from Jaclyn Hawkes. The characters are well written, and the plot had plenty of twists and turns, some of them very unexpected. I like that Jaclyn's characters show us that we can change, even if we feel that there is not a chance we will be able to. I really liked the feel of Healing Creek, it felt as though there was a healing power there. This is a fun book that you won't want to put down until the last page has been read! 

I was able to get this one for free from Amazon

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