Fools Rush In

Bella Rossi is thrilled to finally have the reigns of the family wedding business. She's happy to make some changes and add themed weddings to the offerings. Almost as soon as she adds them, the first one is booked, a "Boot-Scootin'" wedding. It sounds like a fabulous idea at first, but Bella's family is Italian and they only listen to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, she's got to find a DJ who knows about country music and fast in order for her first wedding to not be completely ruined. As luck would have it, she overhears a phone conversation in her uncle's pizza restaurant that gives her a lead on a DJ who does all of that. But Bella's life can't be quite that easy. What she ends up with is the most incredibly handsome man, Dwayne Neeley Jr, or DJ. Unfortunately he is a carpenter and has no idea how to run a DJ system. But he's willing to learn and Bella is more than happy to spend time with him picking out the perfect country songs for the wedding, which he is an expert at. Bella is sure she's falling in love, but there's always something happening with her great big Italian family, and she has no idea if Dwayne could ever learn to love her back in spite of her family. One thing is for certain, there will be plenty of misunderstandings and comical situations before this wedding is over!

This was really a fun story. I like Bella and her quirky, crazy family, each one with such individual issues. I liked Dwayne too, it was kind of interesting how he and his seemingly normal family clashed with Bella's. It was quite a contrast! I liked the plot, I thought that was really well done, it seemed like there was always something crazy going on. I really liked the way each chapter is named after one of either Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin's songs, and I really liked the way that tied in to her uncle's pizza restaurant. This book had tons of personality, it's clean, it's fun. You should definitely check it out! Now I need to read the rest of Bella's adventures.

I was able to get this one for free from Amazon as one of the daily deals. 

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