Fairy Godmothers Inc

Kate is a Fairy Godmother and she works for Fairy Godmother's Inc. She tries to be the best Fairy Godmother that she can be, but sometimes the rules of Fairy Godmothers Inc leave her frustrated and trying to find ways to get around them. She's in the middle of a terribly boring assignment when one of her co-workers, Ned, arrives to tell her that she's needed by her supervisor Bubbles back at the office. When she returns, she finds that Bubbles has signed her up for a different contract, one that must be completed ASAP for one of the directors. Kate has no choice but to go and work on this new assignment and hopefully wrap it up as soon as she can, and for her own sanity, not use the True Love potion on anyone. As she's on her way to meet the young woman, Cinderella, or Rellie for short, she meets a young man, Jon, who seems to know an awful lot about the castle and royal family. He says he just knows someone who works at the castle, but Jon is keeping his identity as the second son of the current king and queen a secret. Kate has a lot to think about, getting Rellie ready to meet the first son, making reports for her job look as true as possible without using the True Love potion, and falling in love with Jon. But will love be enough for Jon and Kate when things get tough?

This was a really fun story! I loved Kate, she really is a romantic. I loved that she had ethics, even when there were many of her co-workers and bosses that really didn't. I loved that she was able to fall in love even in the middle of one of the biggest messes of her career. I also really liked Jon, I liked that you get to see things from his perspective as well, so you know what's happening both in the castle and at Fairy Godmother's Inc. I also liked Ned and Rellie. The plot was fun, and it was hard for me to tell just what was going to come next for our heroes. I was especially happy with the ending. I hope to see more great stories by Jenniffer Wardell very soon! 

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