Emmalee Bradford is starting her senior year in high school, she's friends with plenty of people, but her BFF is away at college. Knowing that having a good female friend is very important, she starts looking around for the perfect replacement. As soon as she sees Hannah, she knows that she will be someone that she can makeover into the perfect BFF, and maybe even find her the perfect boyfriend along the way. She starts by getting to know Hannah, and it's clear right away that they have a lot in common and will be awesome friends. But setting her up with the perfect hot guy is not easy, she settles on Elton Bloomfield, the senior class president, but Emma learns quickly that you can't just make love form when it's not there. That doesn't stop her from trying again though. Will Emma find the perfect someone for Hannah? What about her self? 

This book is so cute! I love the way that Jenni James writes. This whole series is clean, fun and romantic. I love the way the characters from the other books appear too, I always enjoy knowing what's happening with old "friends" I have made in books. I love the modern twist that she puts on the old classic Jane Austen stories. Emmalee is really a fun character, she sees herself as just a normal girl who happens to have a great smile, so she doesn't really understand why others see her as a stuck up girl who doesn't know how to have fun. I also love how blind she is to her own love life when she thinks she has such a good grasp on everyone else's. Chase is the perfect boy next door in this book, I love how Emmalee sees him just as an older brother figure, or she thinks she does anyway. I can't wait for the next book in this series!

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