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Eleanoria Woodston has been forced for the last few years to live the life of a servant in her own home. Her stepmother and two step-sisters have been constantly unkind, taken all of the things that were left from her life with her parents and forced her to do all manner of work. One day, as she's getting the front stairs swept, she's spotted by Prince Anthony. Prince Anthony when he was younger would dress up as a commoner, call himself John, and join in the commoner races and Ella was the only person ever able to beat him in a horse race. The prince had wondered often just what had ever happened to his nemesis, so when he spotted her, he knew that he must talk to her. He's uncertain just why she was never presented to the kingdom as the daughter of a nobleman, and just why she's dressed as though she has no money. But Ella surprises him in that she refuses to say she remembers him, or their races even though she clearly does. He feels sad for her and tries to cheer her up by inviting her to the upcoming ball. Ella clearly wants nothing to do with a ball, and tries to refuse, but the prince will not give up. What will happen when Ella realizes that John is actually the prince in disguise?

This was a cute book. I love that Jenni James has written all of these fun versions of fairy tale stories that we all know. This one was so cute with the sweet Ella and handsome Anthony. I love that the stories are clean and also really quick reads. I was able to read this one in just an hour or two. I love that there was a bit of a secret in this book, and that Ella had to work to figure out just what the secret was. I can't wait to read more of Jenni James' fairy tales! 


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Favorite Friday - Book Launch for Piper Pepper The Garden Sprite

I like to go to book launch parties! It's really fun to be able to meet the author of a book you've enjoyed reading and be able to talk to them just a little bit. I've had a ton of fun doing that. And I've met some really AMAZING people too! 

And I also like children's books, so I'm really excited to tell you about, not only a launch party coming up in Lehi next week, but about the book that will be launching.

About the book: Meet Piper and her three toad brothers in this first book of the series as they hop and fly around Piper's Garden. Piper loves her garden, with its petunias, violets and bell peppers. What Piper has a hard time with is her three toad brothers. They set traps, eat her food and race past her and through her garden. Will Piper be able to put that all aside when her brothers need her help? Piper Pepper the Garden Sprite is set in beautiful Alberta, Canada. With the Rockies and vast prairies as the backdrop, Piper helps us to see the sometime…

SeaQuest Aquarium Giveaway

For this week's Friday Favorite (I's only Wednesday!) I want to tell you about something new that I got to try out just last week. It's the SeaQuest Aquarium located in the Layton Hills Mall in Layton. 

This is a pretty new thing, it actually just opened in November. It's new, it's beautiful and there really is nothing like it located in Davis County. And actually, the way that it's been set up there isn't a whole lot like it out there. You see, it's not just an aquarium, it's really an interactive experience. There are only a few exhibits in the whole aquarium that have animals in them that you can't/shouldn't interact with. Those exhibits have high walls on them so you really can't interact with them anyway. Everything else has low walls. You can touch, feed, examine pretty much anything you see here. That makes it so much more than an aquarium.

I love the way it's set up in areas. Each of the rooms has a different and fun …

Worth the Wrestle

About the book: Why can’t I seem to conquer weaknesses that plague me?” “How do I know if I’m receiving revelation?” “Will the Lord forgive me after what I’ve done?” “Why can’t we seem to get ahead financially even though we faithfully pay our tithing?” “What if the Church’s position on gay marriage bothers me?”

Those are just a handful of the countless questions Sheri Dew has heard people ask over the years. “May I answer these questions,” she writes, “and any questions you may have, by posing a different question: Are you willing to engage in the wrestle? In an ongoing spiritual wrestle?”

In Worth the Wrestle, Sheri examines the process of asking good questions—whether those questions be doctrinal, procedural, historical, or intensely personal—and learning how to get answers. She demonstrates how to live by faith while seeking greater light and knowledge. And she testifies of principles that are worth wrestling for and of understanding that can be gained in no other way.

My review: Wow…