Wild Born (Spirit Animals #1)

In the world of Erdas, when a child turns 11 they drink a special nectar to learn if they have a spirit animal. Not all children have one, in fact it's pretty rare for them to have one. But 4 special children are about to drink the nectar and discover that not only do they have a spirit animal, but their spirit animal is a legendary beast, one that died in a great battle and have now come back to help the land of Erdas beat her enemy. These children will have to learn to work with not against their spirit animals. They must all work together in order to be able to beat the newest threat to their land. But will they learn to work with their animals in time?

This is really a fun book, I love the idea of this series. I also really love that it becomes interactive for kids. There is a code in all of the books and when you enter the code at spiritanimals.com you are able to claim your own spirit animal and go on adventures just the same as the kids in the book. That makes the book just that much more interactive. Not only can you read about saving the land of Erdas, you can virtually go there yourself and help to save it. Pretty cool! I think that this new idea is going to have kids that have never wanted to read, want to start reading this series, it's a great idea!

I was able to borrow a copy of this book from my local library.

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