The Grecian Princess

Isabelle Webb and her friends have had lots of adventures trying to find all three of the legendary jewels of the princess. When they are together, according to legend, they will reveal a fantastic treasure. Isabelle's group of friends are not the only one searching for the jewels, and the other groups don't play nice as evidenced by Thaddeus Sparks when he stole the 2nd jewel from Isabelle. Isabelle and her friends must reach the beautiful isle of Greece, find the third jewel, steal back the second jewel and destroy all three of them before any of the other groups get there first. But that is easier said than done, especially when seasickness claims several of their group, and they really have no idea where they should start. They luckily meet a woman that is able to help Alice realize her potential in finding the jewel. But will Alice be able to find the jewel before it's too late.

This book was kind of slow for me plot-wise. I like the characters and I've read the previous books, so I knew I was going to finish reading the series. I do like the characters and some of the things they are able to do in 1860's Greece are really cool. I really did enjoy the feeling of Greece that was in this book, part of that could have been from needing a vacation really badly! All in all, I enjoyed this series, but make sure you read them in order or you will be completely lost!

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