Going Vintage

Mallory feels that life is great for her, she's 16, she's got a great boyfriend, Jeremy, all is great. But one day when she and Jeremy are working on homework in his room, she gets thrown a curve ball when she finds that he's been cyber cheating on her with a girl named Bubble Yum. This is devastating for her, she immediately and very publicly dumps him. As she's trying to move on and come to her senses, she finds a list that her grandmother had written when she was sixteen. It includes running for pep squad secretary, hosting a fancy dinner party, sewing a dress for homecoming, finding a steady and doing something dangerous. For Mallory this list becomes a list of things that she herself should do her junior year, some of it will be really hard, sewing is not her thing, she also decides that she will live technology wise as if she is in the sixties when her grandmother would have been sixteen. But it's pretty hard to live as though you are in the sixties when you're really in 2012, things like homework and phone calls need to be more vintage. What Mallory doesn't really realize is that she's not really trying to get back at Jeremy, or even complete the list, what she's really trying to do is find herself. Will she be able to find out just who Mallory is?

This was a really cute book. I liked the premise of the story. I liked Mallory, the boyfriend was really kind of a jerk, but that was the point of the book. I like the way that Lindsey Leavitt writes, you feel as though you are back in high school with Mallory and going through the same challenges that she is. It seems as though the book were clean, at least I can't remember anything in it I was offended by. 

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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