Butch Cassidy and Other Mormon Outlaws of the Old West

Summary from Goodreads: Few things capture our imaginations like true stories from the Old West. Throw religion into the mix, and you have the stuff of enduring legends. Mormons are known for honesty, integrity, morality, love of country, love of God, and love of fellowman—hardly the qualities one normally associates with outlaws. So it comes as a sort of shock to some that among the rough-riding, horse-stealing, cattle-rustling, bankrobbing, gun-slinging outlaws of the Old West were a fair number of Mormons. In this entertaining volume you’ll get to know quite a few of these desperado Mormons. Some are household names—like Butch Cassidy. Others you may be meeting for the first time. You’ll find out who’s who and what they did and where they hid. You’ll even get a peek at the Mormon lawmen who dedicated their lives to pursuing the Mormon outlaws.

I really enjoyed reading this book! Who doesn't want to learn more about Butch Cassidy, Matt Warner, and Porter Rockwell? I thought that Kathryn Jenkins Gordon did an excellent job with her research, and I really enjoyed the way that she shared her research. There is a chapter on several Mormon Outlaws, there's also a chapter on law enforcement that hunted down the outlaws. There's one on Porter Rockwell, who is a legendary Mormon, but sort of an outlaw as well. I also really enjoyed learning just where the outlaws were able to hide in the state of Utah and beyond. This is a really fun, informative book! 

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