Brownies and Betrayal

Tess Crawford is running away from her old life in the busy city of Chicago for a quieter life in her hometown of Silver Springs, Arizona. She caught her fiance and boss cheating on her with a co-worker, and she just knew it was time to get away from him and the big city. She's planning to open her own bakery in the quiet town of Silver Springs, where everyone knows everyone else and their business too! Her first job is brownies and a wedding cake for the wedding of an acquaintance from high school. She makes her award winning Rocky Road Brownie recipe for the rehearsal dinner, and is none too happy when the Maid of Honor talks about how lame they are, right in front of her. Well what does that annoying woman know! But the trouble begins when Tess finds the woman dead, right underneath the table where her brownies were being served the very next day. Tess and half of the town quickly become suspects. Wanting to clear her own name, and hopefully figure out just who the killer was, Tess and her best friend Honey begin their own investigation. It seems as though they are on the right track, mainly because Tess starts receiving threats. Will Tess and Honey be able to figure out who the killer is before they become victims themselves?

This is a fun book! I love the recipes scattered throughout it. I really liked Tess and Honey, and several of the other characters. I can't say that I liked the woman who was murdered, but neither did any of the other characters in the book really, so that's okay. There was enough mystery in this book that I didn't guess just who the killer was until it was almost too late, and there's no way I ever would have guessed the motive of the murderer. This was a fun book, and I can't wait to read more of Tess's adventures!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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