Black Out

There are terrorist attacks going on all around, but life goes on for Jack and Aubrey in small town Mount Pleasant, Utah. Aubrey has discovered that she has a gift for being able to be invisible whenever she wants. This really comes in handy for getting new clothes and listening to the latest gossip about herself and her new friend Nicole. In fact, she's busy listening to what the boys have to say about her and Nicole when the whole world goes crazy. It's the night of the big dance, all the students are there with their best dress and best dates, but something goes horribly wrong. Soldiers show up at the dance and remove everyone from the building. They force them outside and make them line up to get on buses to who knows where, carefully checking each one against a photograph. Luckily Aubrey knows when to be invisible and is able to avoid being caught. Jack is watching from a distance, not having gone to the dance, but being the clean-up committee. When the danger seems to have passed, Jack and Aubrey find each other and decide to try to get home. But Aubrey's dad turns them in, it seems there is a virus going around that only attacks teenagers, these teens develop super powers, and the government is out to find the kids and use them for their powers against the terrorists. Aubrey knows that she must figure out a way not to get caught, but how?

The premise of this book is amazing! I really liked the setting and the characters. I found the idea of the government rounding up the kids for testing a little bit unsettling yet also intriguing in the story. I like the way that Robison Wells writes, his characters seem so real, and you almost feel as though you are there in the story with them. I also really liked the idea of these teens having super powers. I'm hoping that there are more of these coming out soon to continue the story line!

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