Witch Song

Brusenna is a young untrained witch living with her mother near a human village. She's tired of always being the joke to the humans. One day, she's accused of stealing and threatened by the merchant to be put into the stocks, but she's saved just in time by a woman she's never met before. Brusenna is uncertain what she should say to the woman, but when the woman knows Brusenna's mother's name and demands to be taken to her mother, Brusenna decides to obey even though she has no idea who the woman is. When the woman talks to her mother, Brusenna decides to eavesdrop and learns that the end of the witches is near, the woman is also a witch and angry that Brusenna has not been trained. Her mother refuses to help the woman and sends her on her way, but as soon as she learns for herself the truth of the matter, she leaves Brusenna alone to go to help with whatever the problem may be. Brusenna doesn't want to be left alone, and tries to avoid town for as long as she possibly can, but eventually she needs salt and she's tricked into revealing her location to hunters. She is able to escape them...for now, but they haven't given up hunting her. Brusenna eventually discovers that the rest of the witches, including her mother have been taken captive by a traitor. Now it's up to Brusenna to defeat the traitor and save all of the witches. But she's only an untrained young girl, will she be able to defeat the traitor and save them all?

This was a cute book, I did have a hard time getting into the story at first. But when I did get into it, I really liked it. I liked Brusenna, she's loyal and brave. I liked the way she goes about defeating the traitor, even though she has no idea if it will really work or not. I am excited to read the next book in this series! 

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