The One Good Thing

Nathan Steen is a good man, he's always going out of his way to help others. He even has his own system to remind him to watch for opportunities to help others. He has six rocks that he keeps in his pockets and as he does a good deed, he removes one rock from his pockets to the other side. Nathan never imagined that doing a good deed could get him killed, but that's just what happened. He was on his way to his son Ty's high school football game when he came across a man having a heart attack on the side of the road. He stopped to help, but was hit by a car and pinned between the car and a concrete barrier. His wife, Halley, got the awful phone call as she was in her flower shop getting ready to make her last round of deliveries before heading to Ty's game. The whole family's world is falling apart, and it gets even worse when Halley finds e-mails on his work laptop from a woman named Madeline Zuckerman referring to "Our little girl." Halley's world is reeling, but their daughter Alice knows that there must be an explanation that does not include her dad having another child, and she's determined to find out just what that explanation is.

This book was great! I really liked the characters, they all wanted to do the right thing, even though sometimes they were unable to. I really liked Nathan, how great is it to make sure that you are looking around you in order to be able to help one of Heavenly Father's children all the time. I liked his family, especially Alice, she's in middle school and constantly bullied, even right in front of her older brother Ty one time and he refused to do anything to help her. But Ty learns from his dad and from the past and is able to move past that and promise to help others when they are bullied. I really liked the plot, and the back story in this book was not at all what I expected it to be. I highly recommend this one!

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