The House of Hades

When last we saw Percy and Annabeth they were plummeting into a whole beneath Rome, on their way to who knows what. Now they do know what, but it's not pretty, they are in Tartarus without food, water, or any of their friends. They are constantly being chased by monsters that want to kill them and eat their bodies. They must find the Doors of Death and make sure they are secured from the underworld side before the monsters in Tartarus start escaping. 

Meanwhile, on the decks of the Argus II, their friends Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper and Jason are not having an easy time either. They must find a way to get across the mountains of Italy and make it to The House of Hades so that they can hopefully get Percy and Annabeth and secure the Doors of Death. Hopefully securing the doors of death will stop Gaea from awakening and ending the world as we know it. But neither of these groups will have an easy time on their quests. There will be angry gods, monsters and many other obstacles in their way. Will these two small groups of demigods be able to stop Gaea and save their friends and loved ones.

These books by Rick Riordan are so great! I love all the action and adventure that's packed in here. I love that he's subtly teaching kids stories from mythology. I love the characters that he's invented, along with the monsters and curses. The plot of this book is full of action, adventure and danger. It will keep kids enthralled and wanting more. The ending is a cliffhanger, keeping us waiting for the next installment due out next fall. I can't wait!

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