Stolen Kiss and Rebound Kiss

I decided to review these two books together, because they are super short novella's episode two and three of Confessions of a 16 year-old Virgin Lips.

Stolen Kiss: When last we saw Brooklyn, she'd just been on her first date, which was great, except for the part where the boy, Luke, didn't respect her wishes and kissed her instead. Brooklyn is trying to deal with the fact that she no longer has the virgin lips that she'd been wanting so badly to keep. She's also concerned about just what Luke is going to tell everyone about what happened on her date. She knows that she can't deal with the gossip about her, so she decides to try to get Luke to not spread it. But that backfires and blows up in her face. So, she tries to do damage control by being Luke's girlfriend. She's about to discover just how bad pretending to really like someone can hurt the person, you, and the person that you really do like.

Oh my goodness, these books have reminded me why I never want to go to high school again. I'll give you that at the time it was fun, but just like Brooklyn, I was never sure of myself or others. I like Brooklyn, she seems completely real, most likely that's because she's based on a real person and her real experiences. I'm really glad that I never had to deal with a guy running up rumors about me, even though they seemed to be innocent and good to others, they really hurt Brooklyn. I really enjoy reading these episodes! 

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In Rebound Kiss, we find Brooklyn an outcast at her school, just trying to get by with no one believing her side of the story and everyone believing what's being spread around by Luke. Brooklyn is having a hard time with no friends and so she decides that she'll go to her cousin, Angela's, party, even though they haven't been close for a long time. Angela is way more into boys and kissing than Brooklyn, and Brooklyn is worried that the party might be awkward, but it's there that she meets a wonderful guy, Riley, and the whole trouble begins. Riley is super cute and nice, and Brooklyn definitely feels attracted to him, but Angela's pushing them together doesn't make her comfortable. Does Brooklyn really like Riley or is he just a rebound from the last two guys she's liked?

Wow, I liked Brooklyn even more in this book, because she had to learn some hard truths about herself and make some hard decisions that were not very popular with those around her, especially her cousins. I like that she also learned that she can stand on her own, she doesn't always need her best friend to be there backing her up, although it's okay to have her do that sometimes. I hope that things will work out for Brooklyn sooner or later, can't wait to read more stories about her!

Here's a link to buy this episode on Amazon.

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