Sky Jumpers

Hope is 12, she's lived in White Rock her entire life with her adoptive parents. She's never really felt as though she belongs. Everyone in the town of White Rock loves to invent, and they are really good at it, but Hope has never been able to invent anything that doesn't cause a disaster. She's hoping that her potato peeling invention this year will be the exception to that rule. Hope may not be good at inventing, but she's awesome at risk taking. One of her favorite pastimes is cliff diving into the bomb's breath, during World War III, green bombs were dropped, the bombs left behind a strange gas. The gas will kill anyone who breathes it, countless members of the town of White Rock know someone who didn't survive the bomb's breath. But Hope has figured out just how to cliff dive into it, and survive. White Rock has never had any trouble with invaders, because of the placement of the bomb's breath, but that's all about to change. Invaders come, and demand the precious antibiotics that the citizens of White Rock depend upon, it becomes up to Hope, her best friend Aaren, his little sister Brenna and their classmate Brock to sneak away and do the most dangerous thing they can imagine. But if they don't, their whole town could die.

This was a fun book. I really liked the way that Hope was painted in the book. Different from everyone else, everyone, even her thinking that was a bad thing. Until the end, when Hope and the whole town realizes that it's okay, it should even be celebrated to be different. Hope is such a strong female character, I love how much of a leader she is, even when she doesn't think she is. I liked the fantasy of the bomb's breath, and how Hope learns to use it to her advantage. I really liked that the book was written for middle-grade readers, but that Mom's can enjoy it too. I can't wait to read more of this fun new series!

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