Pistols and Pies

Tess Crawford is happy with her new life in the tiny city of Silver Spring, Arizona. She's loving her new bakery, and all of the new business she's been getting. She's on cloud nine when she bakes a giant cake that looks like the new Rec Center for it's opening. Things are going fabulous, there's only a few slices left, and she plans on leaving those for the mayor and the city councilman who oversaw the project. But when she does find him, Tess wishes she wouldn't have. He is dead with a bullet wound in his head, the second body she's found in her time in the small town. Tess vows that after almost getting killed last time, she will stay out of this investigation, but the man's widow comes to her and asks her if she would help prove her son's innocence. This starts a chain of events that will eventually lead Tess to the murderer, but also lead the murderer to Tess, will Tess be able to stay one step ahead of the murderer and keep her life?

I am really enjoying this series. I like Tess, I like the small town of Silver Springs. I really liked how in this book Tess brings more friends from Chicago to try out small town living. It was kind of funny to be able to see how they are going to fit in, or not really. I like that Tess has two love interests, I like that she's not afraid to keep trying to figure out just which of the two is really for her. The characters in this book help make the small town feel really work, because everyone knows everyone else and their business too! I like that it's also full of recipes, there are several I'd like to try. I also like that the book is clean, no worries about small readers reading over your shoulders! I can't wait to read the next book about Tess!

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