One Chance

Valentina is a beautiful runway model, she's never been able to form any lasting relationships with the right man, because she's constantly running from one job or country to the next. She's been invited to her cousin Sasha's wedding in California and is excited to see her friends, The Five from Aliso Creek. As she's checking in to her hotel, she notices the very handsome man in line in front of her, but she never dreams that it will be Cesar Melendez, a crush from when she was 12 and living in Puerto Rico. She's used to men treating her as if she is a piece of meat, because she's very beautiful, but Cesar treats her much as he did when they were 12. He seems to not care what she looks like and just seems to want to talk and get to know her again. But Cesar is still living in Puerto Rico and Valentina's job is based in New York, is there any way the two of them can make a relationship work?

This is a really cute novella, I like this series, because the characters are fun, you get to see what happens to all of them. I like that you can read them fairly quickly and they are full of clean romance. Sometimes, like this one, I wish they are a bit longer, so you can see what ends up happening to them! This is supposed to be the last in the series, but it doesn't matter what order you read them in. If you are a fan of clean, fun, romantic stories, then you won't want to miss this fun series! 

I bought this one from for $1.99. 

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