Once Enchanted

Alexis O'Brien is trying to make it in the dog eat dog world of LA as a lawyer. She thought that her life would all be easy and happy, what she didn't realize is that sometimes lawyers are scum and she's working for one of those. He is always coming on to her, and making her work way more than her fair share. The final straw for Alexis is when he asks her to go to Wyoming to find the elusive owner of a business and take her suit with the lowest top and the shortest skirt to make him see her bosses way. Alexis is mad when she leaves town, she's uncertain whether or not she even wants to return. But she heads to Wyoming with the requested clothes to find the man. What she doesn't plan on finding is Sean Rockland. Sean helps her out by towing her car to town after she hits a huge moose. He even offers to let her stay with his family, because there isn't a motel anywhere close to the small town. Alexis is uncertain what to think of Sean, he doesn't seem like a tow truck driver, he's kind and considerate of her. His family is amazing, and they belong to a Church that makes everyone of Alexis' questions make sense. But Sean has a secret, and Alexis is going to be furious when she finds out, will she be able to forgive him so their fledgling relationship can move on?

I really enjoyed this story. I like all of the Rockland Ranch stories, they are filled with great characters, fun plots and always just a bit of danger. I liked Alexis, here she is, a feminist used to being dumped on with more and more work and then she meets Sean Rockland, and all of his family really. They believe in having the wife in the home, but that doesn't mean they demean the wife's value at all. They believe in treating their wives right and as total equals. This comes as quite a shock to Alexis, and she spends a good chunk of the book trying to understand. There is also such a sweet love story in this book! I love all the Rockland men, I've really enjoyed each of these stories that I've read and I can't wait to read more of them!

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