Just For Fins

Lily Sanderson knew that simply deciding to become the crown princess of her underwater kingdom would not solve all her problems, but she never imagined that it would actually make more problems. After living on land the last few years, things that should come easily to her, simple things like doing royal invitations properly, no longer come so easily and she's frustrated that she has to look to her younger cousin, Doe, for help with such simple things. At least Doe seems willing to help for once. Lily hopes that the plan that she and Tellin, a friend from her youth, made will be able to help his kingdom before it's too late. But what the two young Mer people thought would be a simple meeting turns into kings and queens from other lands telling the two that Tellin's kingdom isn't the only one suffering and leads to infuriating kings and queens and the meeting ending with them storming out. Lily must quickly come up with a new plan of action, and hope that the other kings and queens will support it and quickly. But what if the other kings and queens refuse to listen to her, a teenager and merely a princess?

This is a really cute story. I liked that it was clean. I liked that Lily has tons of responsibility and that she is able to do things in the way that she needs to, while still keeping her creativity. She's faced with several challenges and is able to overcome them in an admirable way. I also like that she is beginning to see Doe in a better light and that by the end of the book, they are able to become almost friends. Make sure you've read the first two books in this series first(Forgive My Fins and Fins are Forever) , or you will be completely lost! Otherwise, simply get lost in Lily's mer-world and enjoy yourself for a few hours while reading this book!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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