Harbor's End

Shanyn Tomlison is a young woman who's come to the small Oregon town of Harbor's End with a secret. She's a world renowned horse woman, but she's come to this small town to die. She's told no one of her diagnosis, and she's come to this small town so that she can be anonymous as she's getting ready to die. Her horse, Magic, is stabled at a stable owned by Keith Ellington's family, and he's unsure just why Shanyn seems familiar to him. Shanyn thinks that he's nice, and it is nice to have a few friends to spend time with, still she's afraid of getting too involved with anyone when she knows that she will end up dying. But with Keith and his friend's friendship, soon Shanyn feels that she will maybe be able to beat the odds and live instead of die. But then the symptoms begin in earnest. Will Shanyn survive to be able to fall in love?

This is a really cute book. It's kind of predictable, but sometimes that's just what you need. The characters were cute, the plot was easy to follow. I was able to read this book fairly quickly, and sometimes that's just what you need too!

This is a book that I bought a few years ago, but didn't get around to reading until now.  

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope that you all have a great day giving thanks and eating pie. I too will be enjoying it with my family, so I won't be posting about any books! 

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