Finished Being Fat

Betsy Schow knew that her weight was out of control when she was so mad at the scale that she was punching it. What she didn't realize was that not only was her weight out of control but her whole life balance was out of control because she was a starter, not a finisher. You know the feeling you get when you start a new project or goal, how wonderful and rosy everything is going to be for that project. But then reality sets in and things get hard. That's when Betsy would stop whatever project it was from organizing a room to working on her weight loss. This is the story of how Betsy went from being a starter to being a finisher and just what lessons she learned on her journey to get there. 

This book was all over the internet when it first came out around the beginning of the year. Everyone was talking about how great it was, Betsy was even on The Today Show. I remember thinking how great that was for her at the time, but not really wanting to read it. And then I met Betsy, she was at an Authorpalooza event that I attended at a local Barnes and Noble and she was super nice. I remember thinking at the time that I should read her book, so when I saw this on my local library's list of new titles, I knew that I needed to read it. I'm so glad that I did! I love Betsy's journey from starter to being a finisher. She is such an amazing, inspirational woman, and she has much to teach all of us. I really enjoyed getting to "know" her family a little bit from reading about them. I highly recommend reading this book, it won't take you all that much time, but you'll learn a lot about yourself as you read Betsy's journey. 

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