Spoiler Alert!: Don't read this if you're still planning on reading Everneath!

It's been two months since Jack was taken to the tunnels in place of Nikki Beckett, and it's starting to seem as though she's losing him to the Everneath. He isn't always lucid when he comes to visit her in her dreams. Nikki knew that this day would come, that Jack would slowly lose himself and his life in the tunnels, but she's not ready for it. She knows that she must find Cole and his band and figure out a way to get to the Everneath and rescue Jack before it's too late. When she finally does find Cole, he refuses to take her to the Everneath, until she blackmails him into going. The Everneath isn't quite what Nikki was thinking it would be, there are dangers she could never have imagined. And there's also a bounty on her head. But with Max, Cole and Ashe, a friend of Cole's, Nikki is ready to take on whatever danger she has to, including the Queen, in the name of loving Jack.

When I finished Everneath, I knew that I had to know what happened in the rest of Nikki and Jack's story. I loved how Jack at the end gave his life for Nikki, and how she knew that there really wasn't anything that she could do about it, but become his anchor the way that he was an anchor for her during the feed. I really like Nikki, I liked how Cole becomes a hero for her in this book, even though he's told her that there aren't heroes. You don't see a lot of Jack in this one, but he's still great in the parts that he is in. I liked the plot, and all of the detail in the Everneath. I was super amazed at the ending, I didn't see it coming at all! Can't wait to read more. This book is basically clean, there were a few mild swear words. 

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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