Michael Vey Battle of the Ampere

Michael Vey has just destroyed the Elgen Starxource plant in the Amazon jungle of Peru, but he finds himself alone in a camp of Amazonians. They are taking good care of him, and are even able to quickly heal his broken foot. He discovers another electric kid at the camp, Tessa, she also was able to escape from the Elgen and has been hiding in the jungles of the Amazon. Now though, the Peruvian army is out to find Michael and the Electroclan and they will kill everyone who gets in the way. Michael and Tessa must get away from the innocent Amazonians before they are killed and they must find the rest of the Electroclan and get them away from the Peruvian army before they are killed as terrorists. After saving their friends, next on the agenda is getting rid of the evil Dr. Hatch. He and the electric kids are busy wreaking havoc for the Elgen on board their ship headquarters, the Ampere. Dr. Hatch has an evil plan to take over the world, can Michael save his friends and stop Dr. Hatch's plan before it's too late?

I really have enjoyed this series. It's perfect for teenagers. Michael is a character that's easy for them to relate to, he's a teenager with teenage problems who cares about the world and saving it before Dr. Hatch messes everything up. All of his Electroclan friends are also willing to save the world, even to the point of losing their own lives. I love how each one of them are an individual and they all make their own choice about just what they are willing to do in the fight against Hatch. The story line of this book is action packed just like the others with crazy jungle chases and heroic rescues. I didn't want to put it down even for just a few minutes. I really liked the ending, because it means that there will be even more of these books to read!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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