Guster Johnsonville is 11 years-old and he's a very picky eater. He never wants to eat what his mom cooks and usually just pushes it around on his plate until everyone leaves the room and he can dispose of his food. He's also hungry all the time, because no food ever sounds good or tastes good. His mom gets fed up with his not eating anything and decides that he needs a trip to New Orleans to find some food that Guster will eat and enjoy. Walking the streets of New Orleans is a different experience for Guster, and nothing smells good there either...until the Guster, his mom and his brother Zeke find a small pastry shop, it's run down and may even have been closed by the health department. But the smells coming from that shop are amazing! Guster must enter. What they find inside is some wonderful pastries that taste amazing to Guster and a chef. This chef calls Guster an Evertaster, he calls his pickiness a gift, and starts to tell Guster of a secret recipe, The One Recipe, that is supposed to be the most amazing food. He who tastes it will never want to eat anything else. But he's interrupted by an evil-looking man in a red chef's outfit with a scary looking cleaver. The man kills the kind pastry chef, but not before he gives Guster an eggbeater, and the family leaves as quickly as possible. But they realize rather quickly that the evil man can track them. They must get home quickly, gather the rest of the family and leave before they can be found. But what of the recipe? Guster and his family must journey over several continents and find the secrets to the recipe, before the man in red, but will they be too late?

I had a hard time with the first couple of chapters of this book, especially the first chapter was really confusing when I read it, but it did make sense later in the book. When I did get into the story, about the time the family went to New Orleans, the story got really interesting to me. I loved the book from then on! I really liked the characters, they are smart, and quirky! This book has tons of adventure, and action. It has problem solving, fun and danger. It is perfect for middle grade readers looking for a really fun story to read.

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