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Natasha Senecot is a single mother just trying to raise her 2 children right. But she's also a blogger, blogging about the evils of Matthew Chrysler's popular violent video games. She's worried that they are not only addicting, but programming young gamers to want to kill people. Her blog is popular and apparently doing exactly what she's writing it to do, get mothers to stop buying these violent games and allowing their children to play them, because a man is sent to kill her. Natasha is lucky the first time, the man shoots her through the abdomen, she's hurt and it takes a while to recover but she's still able to live and take care of her two young children. It's announced on her blog that she has died, and life seems to settle down for Natasha and her family. But six months later, Natasha is at the mall with her friend when a young boy starts shooting to kill. The look of hate in his eyes and the fact that he says that it's just like a popular video game convinces Natasha that she must fight against these types of games, and she starts blogging again. Within a couple of days the killer, Alex, is back trying to kill Natasha again. Natasha must decide if her life and the lives of her children are worth more than trying to save the world from violent video games.

This book was one of those that I didn't want to put down! I loved Natasha and her two cute kids. The characters are well written and it's almost like I knew them. I actually really liked Alex, the killer too. I liked that he had compassion for Natasha and her family, because her daughter had down's syndrome just like his sister did, he didn't want to kill her. I was really creeped out at the way he could get in and out of her house without the police that were right outside seeing him and with the deadbolts still in tact. I liked that Natasha had morals, she wanted to help the world and get rid of Matthew Chrysler, even if it did mean her own life. Make sure you read this awesome book by Cami Checketts!

I was able to download this one free from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.

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